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FEEL TOTAL BODY BENEFITS of a FOOT MASSAGER ROLLER: Roller massager micro-stud surface decreases deep tissue heel and arch discomfort; Massage roller stick increases blood flow and eases plantar fasciitis strain


EASILY KNEAD MUSCLES for RELIEF and RELAXATION: Use a roller massager to massage foot and heel pain away fast! Focus your massage roller deep into ball, heel, calf, and leg tension points in just minutes


REFLEXOLOGY TOOL that FEATURES CONTOURED FOOT MASSAGER DESIGN: Contoured massage roller features micro-studs to treat the entire width of the foot; Rubber grip wheels stabilize the muscle roller massage; Nonporous rubber makes this foot and ankle massager easy to clean


ENJOY MANUAL MASSAGE AT HOME OR AWAY: Convenient drawstring bag lets you take your muscle roller massage tool with you to work, the gym, or travel with your acupressure massager


PERFECT GIFT with ASSURED QUALITY: Feel comfort and joy this holiday season with your rolling muscle massager;

Foot Roller

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