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Closeup of masseur hands pouring aroma oil on woman back. Masseuse prepare to do oriental


Enhancements are treatments that are designed to be added to a service to enhance your massage experience. Please note they do not add additional time to your session, but are worked into your session.


Awaken or relax your senses and enhance your massage by adding one of our essential oils. Each aroma has its own unique benefits and naturally alleviates the body of impurities. Design your own custom aromatherapy blend  from our Aroma Bar then mix with your massage oil to use for your full-body massage. The remaining will be given to you to take home to maintain or extend your experience. $10

Hypervolt Massage 

Used at the start of the session to loosen tight muscle and prepare for massage;  The Hypervolt percussion massage device concentrates targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body delivering the power of up to 3200 percussions per minute. $10

Hand/Foot Exfoliation Treatment

 Invigorate your hands and feet with your choice of an all-natural sugar scrub to exfoliate and moisturize. Your hands and feet will be wrapped in warm towels while your massage takes place.  $20

Lip Exfoliating Mask

This shea sugar scrub leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and conditioned. It exfoliates with natural sugar crystals, blended with shea butter. $10

Back Exfoliation

Give this often-ignored and hard to reach area a luxurious treat. Begin your relaxation with a invigorating exfoliation  and deep cleansing scrub applied to the back, neck and shoulder area.  NOTE: No extractions         $25

Infrared Sauna

Provides multiple benefits! In conjunction with body sculpting treatments it helps to accelerate the removal of fat and toxins to help you shrink desired areas. It helps you burn 600-1500 calories per session, boosts immunity, and also eases muscle and joint aches.                   $25

Sinus Relief

If you’re suffering from allergies or any non-infectious sinus congestion, this gentle 20 minute treatment is a wonderful enhancement to incorporate into any massage. Includes aromatherapy and manual stimulation of the flow of lymphatic fluid around your neck and head. It will immediately reduce nasal congestion, reinvigorate your immune system and sweep out harmful toxins.  $20

Intensive Muscle Therapy

The right combination of cooling and warming applications to provide relief for severe muscle pain. Add to any deep tissue or sports massage to promote faster recovery.  $15

Hand/Foot Parrafin

Paraffin heat therapy eases discomfort from inflammation, stiffness, or arthritis in the hands. The warmth increases local circulation while the paraffin moisturizes skin and occludes for better penetration. $15

Eye Patches

Instantly revive puffy eyes with a luxuriously refreshing treatment. The crescent shaped eye patches are placed beneath the eyes and delivers a refreshing burst of hydration with cooling, soothing gels that awaken tired eyes.  $10

Steam treatment

Combine a 20-minute session with any massage or body treatment to intensify your treatment results. $25


The use of the Vibration Wafer Plate, which creates a repetitive motion using vibrating oscillation movements that activate all of your muscle fibers for a fast, effective-low impact workout.  It is known to relieve joint and back pain, boost metabolism, increase core strength, develop stronger bones, improve circulation and gain mobility and flexibility.

              20 MINUTES $15

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